The Englewood Grin Keepers is a family team that hunts for shark teeth on the beach. Two fonts are used in the brand. Verdana is used for body copy to provide simplicity and readability. Rockwell is used for headers and identity systems to show the sporty aspect of the team. In the color palette, dark blue represents the ocean and light grey represents the color of sharks in the color palette.


The logo represents the team’s sport of shark tooth hunting. The design of the logo is a shark mouth behind the words Grin Keepers. For the identity system, the business card has a wave graphic to immerse the holder into the world of shark tooth hunting. The envelope shows the logo along with the team’s address. The letterhead design has a wave graphic representing the ocean waves. The team’s website, team address, and phone number are at the bottom right to follow the reader’s eye direction. The team’s uniform is simple with the logo on the front and the member’s last name and number on the back.


Englewood Grin Keepers Sketches

Color & Type Study

Englewood Grin Keepers color & Type Study

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Final Version