BOWWOW is a dog treat and toy company. There are two different packaging types for the dog treat and toy company. The treat packaging had to be created in both English and French.

The main title and subtitles are Good Dog. The font is easy to read and goes with the K-9 theme. Avenir is used for the body copy for simplicity and readability. The color palette has four colors that include dark blue, light blue, white, and black. These colors draw your eye to them. The first design is a dog treat package. The front of the package has the logo, recommended dog size, an image of the dog treats, and what makes the treats different from its competitors. The back of the packaging has the ingredients, analysis, contact information, barcode, best-by date, and a section talking about the brand’s mascot.

The second design is a toy ball packaging. The packaging has the logo on the front with the name of the toy and what size dog the toy is for. The back has a description of the toy, barcode, and hazards. The chosen dieline is used for simplicity.


Color & Type Study

Original Version

Rework Version

Final Version