Young at heart is an arts and crafts website for parents and grandparents to do fun activities with their children and grandchildren. The website is accessible for people who have different visual impairment.

Two fonts are used on the website. Noteworthy Bold is used for the logo. Noteworthy Bold is used for headers to go with the arts and craft theme. Avenir Medium is used for subheads, and Avenir Book is used for body copy. The font is easy to read so the user can read all the text. For the color palette, light green, blue, and dark purple are used throughout the website. The colors represent fun and happiness and are easy to differentiate between the colors when a colorblind person uses the website.

The website’s main goal is accessibility.  All images have alt tags and the user can use a screen reader. The colors are different values, so anyone with any color blindness can use the site and can tell the difference between each color. The type can be adjusted to be bigger if the user needs bigger text. The personas main goal is to have an easy website to navigate and use. The process for the website is to go from the home page to one of the crafts. The site map is simple and not overcomplicated, so anyone with any technology knowledge can use the site.


Site Map & Style Tile


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