All About Cockatiels” infographic informs the reader about  the basics of cockatiels and information about adoption.

Two fonts were used in the infographic. Savoye LET Plain: 1.0 is used for the main title, subtitles and body copy is Avenir. These fonts are easy to differentiate as well as readable. The color palette has five colors that include light grey, dark grey, white, orange, and light yellow. These colors represent cockatiel’s feathers. The layout of the infographic starts with basic information about cockatiels and then transitions to information about adoption. The purpose of the layout is to inform the reader what a cockatiel is, then if they are interested, information about where and how they can adopt.

The infographic shows the basic information about a cockatiel including lifespan, size, colors and markings, temperament, and vocals. The design showcases what the reader needs to know about cockatiel ownership including the pros and cons, diet, health, type of cage, and grooming.


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